joan karissa - Statement           

joan karissa

During my childhood, I was consistently playing outside and immersing myself in nature. As a young child, I wasn’t aware of the luxury of being in that environment. I did not realize how much influence my surroundings and childhood experiences had in my life until I started to pursue art. I became drawn to the different colors, patterns, and textures that exist in our environment.

Upon moving to San Francisco, I’ve found new meaningful inspirations and developed a passion for printmaking and textiles. I now have a motivation to create art inspired by the culture, surroundings, and architecture of the city.

My work illustrates the fragility of places, memories, and personal moments. I use a lot of my own photographs as resources because it gives me a chance to capture a place, time, and moment that would not exist forever. In breaking down each image, I get a better understanding of the things that surround us. My process grants me the privilege to discover and explore beauty in the ordinary.